Starting at first level, a bard must choose the form of art that they wish to practice. This is an important decision, as not every art form offers the same opportunities; moreover, some art forms are distinctly superior to others, though perhaps not as unusual. Unusual art forms will give less skills, but will give skills of a kind that cannot be obtained otherwise. Most players unfamiliar with the bard will invariably find themselves overwhelmed with the range of possibility offered. Whatever choice is made, it should be remembered that another choice can be had at a higher level, while a chosen henchman can ultimately be obtained to choose a different path yet.

The choice of art forms include the following: acting, architecture, ceramics, circus, costuming, dance, gastronomy, leathercraft, metalwork, music, painting, poetry, prose, puppetry, sculpture and woodwork.

In the list of fields and studies below, there are limitations that can be mastered according to what particular art form the player has chosen. Nevertheless, as they begin a 1st level, bards gain one field and one study in that field. This reflects the knowledge that the bard has been able to gather while studying their calling. This knowledge is then expanded as the bard increases in level, for it is presumed that the bard is naturally inquisitive, exchanging techniques with others, tending to their tools and imagination, exploring the principles of art and creativity, enhancing their sense of aesthetics and so on.

This is true even if the player never expresses their intention to gather knowledge, as not every moment of 'downtime' is actively accounted for during play.



In each of studies above, see the chosen art form for a full description:

acting ~ architecture ~ ceramics ~ circus ~ costuming ~ dance ~ gastronomy ~ leathercraft ~ literature ~ metalwork ~ music ~ painting ~ poetry ~ puppetry ~ sculpture ~ woodwork


  • Art History
  • Engineering
  • Humanities (incl. Propaganda, Imperative, Instigation)
  • Science

  • Agent
  • Production
  • Stagecraft & Staging

This list is in a state of creation.

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