Species: mammal
No. Appearing: 4-40
Distribution: tight group
Behaviour: nesting hunter
Intelligence: 0
Length: 6 ft. wing span
Weight: 3-4 lbs.
Armor Class: 1
HD: 1
Hp/die: 1 hp
Attacks: na
Damage: na
Special Powers: swoop;
Move: 8
Range: desert, humid tropic, scrub, snow forest, steppe, wet/dry tropic, wooded steppe
Treasure: none

Creatures will attack by swooping, typically by first circling prey as a cluster, being wary before targeting one individual. During a given swoop, up to 12 attackers will strike at one combatant, the others failing to move close enough for an attack. If the target combatant succeeds in initiative, a hand-to-hand attack can be made, by any in the target combatant's hex or one hex ahead of it (in the path of the giant bats). However, if the bats succeed in initiative, they will be past and beyond striking before the target combatant can swing.

Missile attacks against bats are always possible, though it should be noted that attacks will usually be at night. See Illumination.

The bat's armor class has been adjusted to account for the bat's prescience in avoiding being struck (so no additional modifiers to hit are necessary).

See Bestiary