The various creatures listed below are intended for use in Alexis' World and include most of the monsters in the original Monster Manual, some of those from the Fiend Folio and a scattering of monsters included from the original Deities & Demigods (that included Cthulhu & Melnibonean mythology). I have included some monsters of my own design. The necessary work to create this list and the links therein in their entirety is excessive and will be many years before the contents are reliable and close to complete. Until that stage, much of what is contained herein is a placeholder, for future development.

List of Creatures


aarakocra ~ air maiden ~ algoid ~ alpaca ~ ankheg ~ ant (giant black) ~ ant (giant bull) ~ ant (giant carpenter) ~ antelope (pronghorn) ~ ape (gorilla) ~ ape (carnivorous) ~ Apep's serpent ~ astral wolf ~ axe beak


baboon ~ badger ~ baluchitherium ~ barracuda ~ basilisk ~ bat (giant) ~ bear (black) ~ bear (brown) ~ bear (cave) ~ beaver ~ beetle (giant bombadier) ~ beetle (giant boring) ~ beetle (giant fire) ~ beetle (giant rhinoceros) ~ beetle (giant stag) ~ beetle (giant water) ~ beholder ~ black pudding ~ blink dog ~ bloodworm (giant) ~ boa constrictor ~ boar ~ bonesnapper ~ brownie ~ buffalo ~ bugbear ~ bulette ~ byakhee

caribou ~ carrion crawler ~ cattle ~ centipede (giant) ~ cheetah ~ cobra


floating eye

hylochloerus (giant boar)

mold (brown)

Special Attacks

blood drain