Howdy! This is Tim, aka Byrhtnoth, one of Alexis' mods here on the wiki. Alexis invited me to post some of my own bits and pieces of rulings here, so here they are. Things may disappear if something contradicts the main part of the wiki, but I tend to stick pretty closely to Alexis' rules so I don't expect that to happen very often.
My focus as a DM has tended to be on both using Alexis' rules (he was my original inspiration to start playing first edition AD&D) more easily and on developing new rules in a similar style. The completed work is shown here; for my musings, you can check out my blog, The Great Code of D&D.
A lot of my work is code-based and stored in my code index, below. Most of it runs in Microsoft Excel, but there are a few standalone applications as well.

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