The character background generator is a series of random rolls which are compared against the character's six basic stats. The higher these stats, the less chance of getting a negative effect (though one is always possible), and the lower the stats, the higher chance of getting a positive effect.

The purpose is to augment the character's basic nature by creating both a series of unaccounted abilities and deficiencies to create a less common final result. The premise is that, prior to the character actually entering the campaign, there have been years spent on things which may or may not have been wise or preferable to the player's well-being. Overcoming one's "childhood" is part of the process of being an adult.

The generator also determines things such as height, weight, wealth, credit and family. Whatever one's father (or in some cases, mother) did, the character is assumed to have been raised in the same profession.

The generator is a complex excel file full of calculations which the character's base stats are fed into in order to calculate out a result. There are too many rolls involved to do this calculation with dice, whereas the rolls can be worked out quickly in little time and the result can be a single graphic image for the character's convenience.

NOTE: The generator is in a continous state of improvement, as time is taken now and then to deepen and strengthen the various aspects, to create a more random and believable result. Details will not be given regarding the content of the generator at this time (mostly because I wish to expand the generator first).