Range: 10’
Duration: special
Area of Effect: 1 cricket
Casting Time: 2 action points
Saving Throw: none

Creates a cricket which can, if properly managed, has the potential to increase the luck of a creature who possesses it.

The cricket must be created inside a small cage made for the purpose, which the caster must be touching when casting the cantrip.

This cage must be held or attached by a string to the creature’s person (to a belt, typically). The possessor must then indicate which of six directions of the compass (sides of the hex) the cricket is placed.

A possessor of the cricket will gain a +2 saving throw against any attack, regardless of what form it takes. If involved in a situation where an ability failure will cause the character to suffer damage, the +2 modifier may be applied to that.

The cricket will remain in existence until used, until another cricket is created, or until the possessor is struck on the side where the cricket is with enough force to stun the possessor.