Provides the character with insight and perspective into the creative process of other persons, aiding in the creation of art forms. The role is predominantly one of offering clarity and renewed energy for pressing forward with artistry ~ the character with this study is in no way required to have any personal artistic ability of their own.

As the structure of making art (see Creativity) requires a series of rolls to overcome "plateaus" of realization, followed by periods of work, until such time as the bard is left to make a final roll to determine the final value of the work, the Critic can aid in improving the success of the bard at each stage.

The critic cannot, however, provide this perspective for their own work; nor can those artists who have not successfully auditioned for a college obtain the support and knowledge of a critic in any capacity that will improve their rolls.

For the most part, the study will be valuable to players as creative bards, and not likely to be taken as a chosen study ~ however, to understand the role as it will apply to non-player characters, abilities are provided below (and there many be some circumstances where multiple bards in a party can make use of this, or where a player character is retired to a chosen role in the world).


Commentary: provides a small gain in plateau achievement through discussion of the criteria upon which an artwork is based.

See Bard Sage Abilities