While moving forward, either at normal pace or at a run, a combatant may draw any one handed weapon that weighs 5 lbs. or less without this action costing additional action points (AP). This will enable a combatant to move forward and hurl a weapon or attack in melee after drawing, so long as the usual 2 AP cost is spent in attacking.

Thus, a combatant with four AP without a weapon in hand would be able to move two hexes forward at normal pace, drawing a dagger, hand axe or similar small weapon while moving, then throw said weapon or attack with it, while not moving forward beyond the first two hexes. In effect, this should be considered moving, drawing and throwing all simultaneously (while moving fairly slowly) or moving forward, drawing and then stopping to attack once moving into melee range.

There are other actions that can be taken while moving, such as calling out to comrades, threatening an enemy, dropping an item, dismissing a spell, etc. The DM and players should agree upon what actions not included here that might be proposed that could also fit this category (with the expectation that they will be duly recorded in future).

See Movement in Combat