This page describes the encounters that players are likely to have with various officials or persons of responsibility. For details regarding the sage ability, see Functionary.

Most functionaries will be interested in speaking with the party only when the party has committed some infraction against the local law or when money for tolls, tariffs, fees or taxes is called for. On the whole, direct encounters would be with lower minions - persons whose function is the management of ordinary people, city quarters, public buildings and so on. Nevertheless, players could "encounter" higher officials, from a distance - a retinue of guards or soldiers defending high ranking religious leaders, heads of state or the military.

Here is a breakdown of the four types of functionary encounter:

Patrols - watchmen, woodwards (forest wardens), constable, bailiff, master of the watch, marshal
Bureaucracy - catchpoles (tax farmer), hedge warden, tax collector, customs officer, councillor, herald, magistrate, chamberlain
Miscellaneous - rat catcher, schoolmaster, courtier, master of the revels
Penal System - jailer, executioner, solicitor, barrister, prosecutor, judge