A study of warm blooded animals, characterized by hair, mammary glands, live births, four limbs and a wide variety of other features. Knowledge of mammals includes giant forms, including porcupines, goats, rats, deer and so on. The knowledge also includes humanoid forms that have been developed from various mammalian orders - with the exception of 'monkeys,' where the full range of humanoids is too diverse to be sufficiently understood.

Initial knowledge points must be assigned by choice to the specific order of mammal to be studied. Each time the character rolls thereafter, the new roll may be applied to a different order from that already chosen.

The character has no meaningful knowledge whatsoever of mammalian order outside their assigned knowledge points.


Identify Mammal: knowledge of creatures within the chosen mammalian order and the dangers they present.
Mammal Behaviour I: allows limited prediction of a mammal's attack and movement in mammals of semi-intelligence or less.

See Druid Sage Abilities