Describes a collection of knowledge and skills associated with survival and travel in the mountains and in natural underground settings. Mountaineering techniques can help characters with orientation, managing seasonal changes and picking the safest routes over vertical landscapes composed of heavy vegetation, rock, snow or ice.


Cave Finding: gives knowledge that the landscape is suitable for natural cave formation and increases probability of location.
Caving I: provides reasonable safety when moving over and through typical cave obstacles, where solid purchase is available.
Identify Clean Water: provides reasonable certainty that found water, though impure, will be clean enough to drink.
Mountain Routefinding I: aids in the location of finding mountain passes and choosing the safest slopes in mountain climbing.
Rock Foraging: improved ability to locate nesting areas and edible flora or fauna in high rocky or subterranean environments.
Scrambling: skill at climbing steep terrains or urban environments, where handholds and ledges are common.
Skiing: improves speed and agility when cross-country skiing.


Glacier-Crossing: improves agility and success when crossing glaciers.
Locate Water: identifies the probable location of existing water in outdoor mountain landscapes.
Mountain Survival I: reduces chance of death from exposure in rocky and underground environments.
Orienteering: allows certain knowledge of direction and orientation.
Rock Climbing I: improves agility and success when tackling slopes too steep to be scrambled.

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