Range: touch
Duration: permanent
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Casting Time: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: none; see below
Level: cleric (7th)

Restores life to creatures regardless of how long they have been dead.

The creature raised may have any hit dice. While all that is necessary is for any integral portion of the creature to be resurrected—a bone, part of the creature’s skin or an embalmed corpse. However, hair, fingernails or body fluid would not be sufficient, as these are not integral, but can be cast off without harming the body.

The spell will only restore the resurrected creature to the semblance they possessed when they were last alive—the spell will not restore limbs or parts that were not present at that time. Note that the entire body will be resurrected from only the creature’s skull or finger joint.

The spell will dispel all manner of disease, poison or other physical effects, and if the raised person has been dead at least 10 years, he or she will not suffer from a curse or any other magical dweomer.

The resurrected person will be weak and helpless following the spell, requiring one full day of bed rest for each century or part thereof the creature has been dead.

The spell also has the power to restore life to the undead, though if the undead succeeds in a saving throw against ‘death,’ the spell has no effect.

There is no reverse of the spell.