Beginning with the accumulation of enough knowledge (10 points), the character will become informed about the probable location and base powers (or reason for existence) of various living heroes in regions of the player's choice. Such individuals will be adventurers, religious leaders, military commanders, great scientists, royalty, nobility or name-level persons of every class.

The choice is up to the player - which will put the DM on the spot for creating an individual that fits the characteristics requested. The player will have knowledge of the non-player hero character's gender, name, the location of the NPC's residence, marital status, the names of the NPC's spouse and children, class, approximate level and at least one tale about the individual that proves his or her hero status. Note that the player can only know one of each of the above (adventurer, religious leader, military commander, etc) per geographical region.

The total number of known heroes will equal 1 person per 3 points of knowledge above 9, plus 1 additional person per 2 points of knowledge above 19. Thus, a character with 27 points of knowledge would have useful knowledge of 10 heroes (6+4).

The DM should feel free to use the presence and knowledge of each hero to suggest possible alliances, adventure hooks and so on, encouraging the player to feel free to attempt contact with these heroes once they are known.