Best to start a document that tries to outline consistency in appearance details on the wiki. Up until now, naturally, I've kept these in my head, and often fouled up on them myself only to find myself updating a page later. None of these are intended to be "the right way" or "the wrong way" - only the way I hope we can all just follow so we don't have upteen different formats for every page. Where I see a small bit here or there, I will go in and change (editorial prerogative), but if the members are up for paying attention, the following list (which is likely to get long and detailed) is meant to provide style examples to follow. Not doing these things is not that big a deal; I come from a journalism background, so I am naturally fussy.

If a member has an idea or a point they'd like to add, please point it out and I will confirm it.

  • Please back link every page at the end of the page by making a stand-alone paragraph that says, "See home" . . . without a period on the end.
  • Please use "here . . . there" with spaces between the dots of the ellipses instead of compressing them "here...there" or "here ... there." I know it's a pain, but it is way easier to read.
  • Please put the period in front of a quote, not behind it: "hi," not "hi",
  • I don't use the Oxford comma. I fully expect to be ignored on this point. People put the comma in without thinking about it, and that's fine. It's all good - but if you can arrest yourself from doing it, would be appreciated. (sometimes I goof myself)
  • Please put a space between paragraphs. Please be sure to put a nice wide space between paragraphs and bulleted lists. Please put a space between text and files that can be downloaded or tables.
  • If at all possible, please avoid putting commas in Page Titles/Headers. Use brackets: Poison (ingestive) not Poison, ingestive. Note also, please, content in brackets should be in all small letters, unless the word is a proper noun.
  • When changing the title of a page, please manually fix backlinks rather than relying on the Wiki to redirect. A redirect page remains in the system and sucks memory.