A general description of the industrial, cultural and political circumstances existing within a given territory of the world, calculated from the population density of the territory.

It must be understood that the tech levels noted for each territory is a guideline and therefore cannot be an absolute description of a region's available technology. Tools, ideas and cultural features cannot help but seep in from outside, particularly from higher technologically advanced regions to those more primitive. However, to provide the best experience for gaming, the tech levels are meant to help provide a distinctive experience for players adventuring in a particular region. Therefore, while a given resident of a lower technology may possess a specific artifact of a higher-tech culture, it should be made clear to the players that this is very special and unusual - too much bleed from one tech level to another defeats the purpose of creating distinctive civilizations for the players to explore.

The system is also intended to reflect the cultural 'intelligence' or 'wisdom' of the inhabitants. Therefore, the lowest tech level that a humanoid culture could possess would be tech level 5. A lower tech level (in this system) would describe semi- or animal intelligence, too low for humanoids. Therefore, the user of this system should consider a tech level of zero to be what social insects would possess; a tech level of 1 would reflect that of herding animals; a tech level of 2 to 4 would be that of certain hunting animals or primates.

Tech Level 5
Tech Level 6
Tech Level 7

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