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Tuesday, October 17

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    {treant.jpg} Highly intelligent plant forms with anthropomorphic features. A treant is virtually indistinguishable from a gnarled tree when standing still, but it is in fact capable of movement and can pose a serious threat to any who would harm its forest. Treants are found in forested regions throughout the globe, and may form "stands" together in some areas. Their appearance, in terms of wood and foliage, matches that of the surrounding woodland closely.
    As their forms match the trees nearby, treants exhibit nearly as much variety as trees themselves do. Oak, ash and elm treants may inhabit Western Europe, while baobab or acacia treants may be found in Africa, and so on. Nonetheless, all treants manifest many of the same general features. They are susceptible to fire, like trees, and save at a -4 against such attacks. Attacks based on fire are also at a +4 to hit and +1 to damage per die. The treant's regular armor class is AC0, owing to their superior toughened bark.
    All treants can also bring nearby trees to life as full-grown treants (it is unknown if this is how treants are created or reproduce). Treants created in such a manner must be within 30 feet (6 hexes) of the original treant, and the original treant can control at most two trees at a time in this manner. Awoken trees fight at the same level as their controlling treant.
    As treants age, they gain additional hit dice and become more powerful. This process coincides with the growth of their surrounding trees, and is influenced by competition for resources. Treants growing together will not be as large as solitary members due to crowding, although treants are of course capable of forcing neighboring trees or treants away.
    To calculate a treant's hit dice and hit points per die, we must know the relative density of its composing wood, its height and its diameter at breast height (based on similar calculations for finding the mass of a tree). The formulas are written as follows:
    \textrm{For hard hardwoods, diameter < 11": }0.38315 \times (D^2H)^{0.92045}
    \textrm{For hard hardwoods, diameter }\geq\textrm{11": }0.11710 \times (D^2)^{1.16763}(H)^{0.92045}
    \textrm{For soft hardwoods, diameter < 11": }0.26153 \times (D^2)^{1.12422}(H)^{0.93871}
    \textrm{For soft hardwoods, diameter }\geq\textrm{11": }0.10743 \times (D^2)^{1.12422}(H)^{0.93871}
    A table of common weights and corresponding hit points per die is included below.
    Treant Type
    Height (feet)
    Diameter (inches)
    Hit Points per Die
    Elm, sapling
    122 lbs
    Elm, young
    867 lbs
    Oak, old
    123 tons
    See Bestiary

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Thursday, September 28

  1. page Transport edited ... We can also compare the amount of references originating in a market and compare it to imports…
    We can also compare the amount of references originating in a market and compare it to imports. Crow's Nest (as seen here) produced 8 references but it imports 4 more. Marzarbol produces 15 and imports 3.6. The Heap in the Hills produces 10 and imports 3.8. These slight differences pile up as more and more markets are added to the system.
    Our next two steps will be to translate these numbers into actual general prices that can be paid by the players. First, by calculating raw material prices, thereafter by calculating manufactured prices - the steps are different, as the reader will see.
    (links toAn example of my own "sources" page, partly built in September of 2017, can be added later)seen here:
    {NEW Format for Sources.xlsx}

    See Trade System
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Wednesday, September 27

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