Range: touch
Duration: 4 rounds +1 round per level
Area of Effect: 1 +1 bard for every three levels above fourth
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: none
Level: bard (2nd)

Improves the effectiveness of martial music. At 4th level, the spell allows the caster the benefit of an accompanist; at 6th level, a second accompanist; at 8th level, a third accompanist and so on. The benefits gained from each addition is as follows:

  • Two musicians will increase the range of martial music from 60 feet to 75 feet; those listening will receive a saving throw bonus of +1.
  • Three musicians will give enemy morale checks and saving throws a penalty of -1.
  • Four musicians will increase the range of martial music to 90 feet and increases morale bonus to +2.
  • Five musicians gives enemy attacks and damage a penalty of -1.
  • Six musicians increases the range of martial music to 105 feet and increases the bonus to hit to +2
  • Seven musicians increases the damage bonus to +2.

The time that the caster spends playing martial music during the course of the spell is subtracted from the quota the caster is able to play martial music that day; however, accompanists to the spellcaster do not subtract rounds from their own quota.