Range: 5 ft. per level
Duration: 6 rounds per level (1 minute & 12 seconds)
Area of Effect: 3 ft. diameter fire
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: affected must save vs. normal fire
Level: mage (1st)

Allows a normal fire no larger than three feet across (area of effect) to be shrunk to the size of a candle, whereupon the fire can be carried without risk of harm for the duration of the spell. A twig, candle, taper or similar object must be used to suspend the fire, which will not consume whatever is used. However, the fire must have access to the normal amount of oxygen it would normally burn, or else it will be snuffed out. Thus, the altered fire cannot be placed inside a vessel or enclosed. If the fire were placed inside an open flask, the neck of the flask would be insufficient for its required oxygen stream, so it, too, would be snuffed out. A good rule of thumb is that the altered fire must be open on all sides and above.

The altered fire can be carried on a torch, however, or inside a lantern, for easy carrying. Anyone may bear the fire once it has been altered without fear of harm.

A bearer the altered fire may choose to throw the flame up to a distance of 10 ft. Once it has left the bearer's hand, the fire (regardless of its original size) will expand into a 3 ft. wide circle of flame ~ whereupon it will affect its surroundings as any normal fire. Combustibles must save vs. normal fire or be set alight, while creatures in the same hex as the fire will be affected as though having just stepped into its flames, suffering 1-6 damage. The creature's clothing, if such exists, must also save vs. normal fire ~ and if these fail, the creature will suffer an additional 2-12 damage.

Thereafter, the affected fire will dissipate ... but any affected items will continue to burn normally, as long as fuel is available. No more personal damage will accrue to a burned creature, however; this has already been accounted for.